Admitted Student Weekend starts with the purpose of financial, educational, and social advancement.

Clarke University, located in Dubuque, Iowa, welcomed future students to attend Admitted Student event in order to receive a scholarship and get a start on their Compass requirements.

Admitted Student Weekend, formerly known as VIEW Weekend, occurs every year during the spring semester of the academic school year at Clarke University. The purpose of these weekends is to provide scholarships to those admitted students who attend and participate in the events of the weekend.

For completing the weekend and participating in the events, each student receives a $1,000 scholarship for the duration of their academics at Clarke University. This gets added to their financial aid package to assist with tuition, fees, room, board, or other expenses.

The events for the weekend focus on providing those students in attendance with opportunities to bond with fellow admitted students, participate in a group activity that will assist them with graduation requirements, and learning more about the institution prior to attending.

The graduation requirements that participants get to start are part of the university’s newly implemented Compass requirement. Kelsey Meyer, the Clarke University Campus Experience Manager, explains, “Compass is a program that allows the individuals on campus to formulate all the activities of a typical Clarke undergraduate into different experiences that translate into life after college.”

For the Compass activity, each group of students is in charge of creating a club on campus that promotes self-sufficiency. This would mean that the primary focus should be on students to provide for themselves and help them after college. This has allowed previous participants to create clubs focused on money management and checkbook balancing.

Although the Compass graduation requirement activity is the primary focus of the event, participants get the opportunity to do more.

The Saturday night of the event, student’s head to the Lion’s Den, the campuses common lounge area, in order to enjoy music, dancing, desserts, and conversation with their peers. This allows the students to socialize and make new friends for the upcoming school year. This has been reported as the place where students meet their future close friends.

“When I attended [Admitted Student Weekend], I ended up making friends with people that I continue to be close to as I am rounding out my college experience,” states senior Delaney Borst.

Admitted Student Weekend is also an event that staff members enjoy. Admissions Visit Intern Joshua Bradshaw, who coordinates the event with the admission’s staff, expressed, “This event is really fun to plan and attend because meeting and talking to new people who will be at Clarke promotes the expansion of Clarke’s community for future generations.”

Admitted Student Weekend is held on three weekends this year with hopes to accommodate the growing interest in the event with perspective students. If you would like to help facilitate groups on future weekends, please contact Kelsey Meyer in admissions.


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