Clash of the Classes


Every year since 2013, in mid-February Clarke Residence Life has held a week- long event known as Clash of the Classes. During this week students of different classes go head—to—head in competitions to earn points for their class. At the end of the week the class with the most points is named the winner and receive bragging rights until there is a new champion the next year. There is also a banner in the Student Activity Center (SAC) where the name of the reining class is on display.

Callie Clark, Director of Engagement and Intercultural Programs, explained the origin of Clash of the Classes. Clark stated, “We had noticed that there was a full week packed with activities, fun events and prideful events during homecoming in the fall semester, but there was nothing of impact like that in the spring semester.”  Clark continued on to compare Clarke to larger universities, “Some other universities with Greek life present on campus have something called ‘Greek Week’. Since we don’t have Greek life we decided to use the different classes, freshman through senior, to create a sense of competition.”


There are typically two events each day. Minute—to—win—it events are held in the Wahlert Atrium from 11:00am-1:00pm and can include cup stacking, moving an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands, and other exciting games. Clark commented on the minute—to—win—it events saying, “[the] games in the Atrium are to create visibility and give people a reason to stop by the table and get to know what Clash of the Classes is. It’s a good promotion tool for the events that occur later in the day.”


The second events each day are typically held in the evening. Sometimes these games include bubble soccer, Euchre tournaments, kickball, and other events that promote competition, fun, and class pride.

Theresa Koos, Senior Manager of Residence Life, was in charge of setting up most of the events this year. “I think [it] is a great way to increase Clarke Spirit! It encourages Clarke students to take pride in their class and support their fellow classmates.”

Junior Kali Schroeder participates in Clash of the Classes activities every year saying, “The games are a good way to have a good laugh before or after class. I’m glad Clarke gives us so many opportunities to have fun.”

Freshman Megan Brunscheon barely knew about the week of activities: “I wish they would promote it more. I barely even knew what was happening when, and didn’t even know that [Clash of the Classes] was happening until it was almost over. I wish I could have been a part of it.”

After a three year winning streak from the class of 2016, some fresh blood finally took home the gold. Despite some complaints about being unaware of the event, the class of 2020 showed a great amount of participation throughout the week.

Which class will triumph over the others next year?

-Jamie Deering



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