The Need for Student Media

For the Students, By the Students

The world is rapidly advancing in technology and in improving the ways of creating news media. The merging from print media to a unique hybrid of both print and digital media has highly influenced how we receive our news. We are lucky to live in a time where news media is so interactive, creative, and unique compared to the years of strict print media.

Clarke University has also been through many changes in the last few years. Including the discontinuation of the old student newspaper. Many students, faculty, and staff, including Allison and I, felt that student media at Clarke was still necessary and a missing part of the Clarke community. This absence of student media left the need for student’s voice, student culture, and student perspective.

The idea of The Crux was then created. From an idea, to discussion, to planning, to creation, and now to the launch of The Crux website. It is to be for the students, by the students, and will be a new and improved way of obtaining news in the Clarke community.

We want The Crux to become a place for Clarke students to express themselves and grow closer together through the sharing and reading of student content. We want to showcase what awesome things Clarke students are doing while encouraging them to grow their skills and talents. Of course, while the readers are learning about the cool things their classmates are doing, we would also love to encourage them to seek out the local, global, and campus news content that we provide.

We are aiming to provide the students with a source to find news that is important to them. Updates about our campus, information about changes in departments, and about events happening on campus and in the Dubuque community will be included in The Crux.

The Crux not only will be a place to inform, but to investigate and seek out the truth in all situations. We are a place of openness, seeing both sides to the story, and finding out the underlying meanings behind headlines. We welcome differing points of view and the student press is a place where we are all welcome to express our opinions. We highly encourage it here.

In this first edition of The Crux, we are still a work in progress. We look forward to an official launch in the Fall of 2017, but encourage each of you to look at the different stories we have, now. This edition focuses mainly on changes occurring on Clarke’s Campus, places to explore around Dubuque, and more. Feel free to leave us a comment, share our website, and spread the word about The Crux. This couldn’t be a successful site without your support, Clarke Pride.

Overall, we want this to be an open, expressive place for the Clarke Community to come together, learn, create, and support one another, and support the importance of student media in today’s world. This was made for you and we truly hope you enjoy it. Thank you.


The Crux Editors,

Allie Evans & Megan Kane



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