The Results Are In! Meet Your New Representatives in CSA.

On Friday night, April 21st, the elections closed for the CSA Senate race. The newly elected officials on the Executive Board will lead the Clarke Student Association for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year, with the senators representing their individual classes opinions and stances.

There will be a torch passing ceremony taking place at the Honors Dinner on May 5th, from the current senators to the newly elected officials. You can sign up for the Honors Dinner by emailing Lynn Becker at

Here is the new roster for the Executive Board, and your class senators.

Executive Board

President: Kyle Majerus, ‘18

Vice President: Katie Marter, ‘18

Secretary: Laura Naber, ‘18

Treasurer: Bailey Theisen, ‘20


Senior Class of 2018

President: Megan Madl

Vice President: Nicholas Anderson

Secretary: Jeff Ruhlow

Treasurer: Matt Gagner


Junior Class of 2019

President: Kylee Liginski

Vice President: Sydney Eustice

Secretary: Eric Jones

Treasurer: Caroline Herrig


Sophomore Class of 2020

President: Echo DeVries

Vice President: Josh Sanchez

Secretary: Annalise Lyon

Treasurer: Alex Koenig


Photo courtesy of Michael Bently via creative commons license.

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