DIY Autumn Door Decorations

With the fall season in full gear, door decorations are becoming more and more popular. The festive decorations can range anywhere from simple caution tape for Halloween to vibrant garlands and wreaths of leaves. For my first year, both as a college student and decorating my door, I chose decorations more on the fall spectrum.

Here’s what I used on my door:

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  • Two garlands
  • Burlap ribbon or a premade burlap bow
  • Command hooks – the small clear kind and large white hooks
  • Photo frame
  • Paper of your choice
  • Wooden banner
  • Glitter letters
  • Fall signs

If you’d like to decorate your door like this, here are some instructions to do so!

  1. First, after I gathered supplies for my door, I began the process of making a fashionable whiteboard for my door.
  2. I pulled the stand off the back of the photo frame and placed the paper inside the frame.
  3. Following that, I placed command strips on the photo frame and then placed the frame on the wall.
  4. After the frame was on the wall, I began placing the small command strips on the doorway and hooking the garland into the hooks.
  5. Once the garland was in place, I placed the glitter letters on the wooden banner and hung the banner up by command hooks. I used my banner to spell out autumn but you could spell out whatever you want.

Here is the final door picture!IMG_0605



By Lauryn Pritchard

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