Life is not about attaining perfection, rather, it is about embracing your imperfections and growing to be the best version of yourself.

As human beings, we are wedged right in the center of all these ideas of what perfection is. We are influenced by these outlandish ideas of what beauty, happiness, and love are supposed to be.

These images flood our daily lives distorting our understanding of the truth. Society has created this idea of perfectness. It is poisonous.

We dress, act, talk, do, post, etc. in hopes to attain this ideal of perfection. We compare ourselves to others. We set our expectations to become more like someone else, and less like ourselves. We use these ideas of perfection to judge how we perceive other people and the world. As people, we are so caught up in the idea of perfection, we often lose our originality in the process.

If only we would just remember: perfection doesn’t exist. No one person, no one thing is without flaw. Nothing is ‘perfect’.

Look at a rose. Does all of its petals perfectly align? No, but it is still profoundly beautiful. The same can be said for us, we are not perfect but we are all filled with immense beauty. We are capable of extraordinary love and are able to live immensely happy lives.

Life is messy. Things are challenging. We all have inner demons. We all face the imperfectness of life. So why not embrace them? Why not accept who we are and make the best of what we have?

Individually we need to ditch the idea of perfection that society has embedded in our brains. Be at peace and happy with the fact that things in life are never perfect, and neither are we.

Know that we are not supposed to be like anyone else. We are not supposed to look just like that celebrity. We don’t have to be a certain size, wear certain clothes, or be a certain description to be beautiful. Every one of us is a unique individual, which in itself is beautiful.

Instead of thinking how you can attain perfection, think about how you can become the best version of yourself. Think about who you want to be, not about what society expects you to be. Stop seeing yourself for what you are not, and start seeing yourself for what you are.

You are a beautiful masterpiece who is capable of extraordinary love and a happy life. It is up to you to fall in love with yourself, flaws and all. You get to choose what beauty, love, and happiness means in your life.

What can you do to positively impact your own life and those around you? How can you be the best version of yourself? Let us know in the comments below!


By: Mariah Pellino



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