We Need To Talk.

Hey, you. *sighs*

Well, this is awkward, but we really need to talk to you about The Crux.

When we started The Crux last year, we didn’t realize what The Crux was capable of achieving. We attempted creating an impact by focusing on simple and fun updates about campus activities and soft news articles about local entertainment. We thought that this would create a draw of viewers, since the Clarke community has nothing similar to this….but we were wrong.

Our goal for The Crux has been to be a voice for, and by the students…and we’ve failed. This site has become a loosely updated, not notable, and boring attempt at being a voice on this campus. We get why our site is not popular.

That’s why we wanted to talk to you. Your voice is the one we are interested in sharing. Your voice should be heard. Your authentic voice, thoughts, opinions, feelings, and unique perspectives. We’re done feeling forced to stay within a box. We want to provide a way for you to talk about important things in your life as a student here. You matter to us.

Tell us about that one story, song, or show that lifts you up when you are down. Show us your favorite place in Dubuque. Send us a story about your first day of kindergarten. Share with us how you feel about gun control.

As editors, Allie and I, on behalf of the rest of The Crux staff as well, know we’ve messed up, lost motivation, and have done a lot of talking but not a lot of doing. But, now’s the perfect time for a change.

Join us. Share what you care about. This is what The Crux is here for. We are here for YOU to be heard.


–Allie & Megan, Co-Editors-In-Chief of The Crux

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