Who will take home the Oscar? Predictions for the 2019 Oscar ceremony

With the Academy Awards coming up tomorrow, many movie fans are on the edge of their seats, wondering what movies are going to win. Well, as your resident movie lover, I have some ideas on who I think should win based on my personal tastes and interests.

Keep in mind I said personal choice. While I’d consider myself someone who has a lot of film knowledge, I am no major critic or movie aficionado. I’m just a fan. So buckle in! Here are my hot takes on what movies should receive an Oscar!

Actor in a Leading Role

My Pick: Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody)

Bohemian Rhapsody has acted as a dark horse candidate for the Academy Awards, and while it had average reviews, I do think Rami Malek deserves the Oscar. His portrayal of Freddie Mercury was fantastic, making fans truly believe that the lead singer of Queen was alive again. Spending hours perfecting the accent, the mannerisms, and learning to speak with a massive mouth prosthetic on, Malek’s dedication to the role was obvious from the moment he appeared onscreen.

Runner Up: Christian Bale (Vice)


Actor in a Supporting Role

My Pick: Mahershala Ali (Green Book)

Being that Ali has already won a well-deserved Oscar for supporting actor in the film Moonlight, there’s absolutely no mistake about what a phenomenal actor he is. While there are many great actors like Sam Rockwell and Sam Elliott who are also up for the award, Ali has been clearing the board at award shows from the Golden Globes to the Critic’s Choice. His depiction of a jazz artist set in 1962 traveling through racist America is top notch, and easily deserving of a second Oscar.

Runner Up: Sam Rockwell (Vice)


Actress in a Leading Role

My Pick: Glenn Close (The Wife)

This was one of the hardest picks. With such great actresses like Olivia Colman and Lady Gaga, it was difficult to decide who I feel came out on top. I truly think Close’s performance in The Wife was a golden one. Being that she has already been nominated for six Oscars previous to this year, she has been long overdue for a win.

Runner Up: Olivia Colman (The Favourite)


Actress in a Supporting Role

My Pick: Regina King (If Beale Street Could Talk)

With a lot of recurring Oscar favorites in this category, this was another pretty difficult decision. Amy Adams has had a lot of positive reception for her depiction of Lynne Cheney in Vice, but due to the fact that King has been sweeping the floor at the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards for her performance in If Beale Street Could Talk, King will most likely come away with the win. If Beale Street Could Talk is one of my underrated favorites that I thought should have been in the nominations for Best Picture. Hopefully, If Beale Street Could Talk will get at least a bit of recognition with a win for Regina King.

Runner Up: Amy Adams (Vice)


Animated Feature

My Pick: Spider-Man: Into the SpiderVerse

While my favorite movie in this category is Isle of Dogs, Spider-Man: Into the SpiderVerse takes animation to the next level with its mixture of 2D detailing and 3D animation. Not only that, but the story deviates from the normal timbre of superhero movies. Miles Morales, a sweet and somewhat naïve kid who is thrust into the world of superheroes and, of course, supervillains, is a breath of fresh air in a genre that has started to take itself too seriously over the past couple of years.

Runner Up: Isle of Dogs



My Pick: Roma (Alfonso Cuaron)

This year’s nominations for cinematography are fantastic, many of these movies using ideas that were used in older cinema. However, none of these films had the stunning visuals, details, and amazing long-takes better of Roma. From the mind of Alfonso Cuaron, who was originally only going to do cinematography but last minute had to step in as director, this movie’s visuals are outstanding. Each long-take feels like a strain on your emotions that just makes this film heart wrenching in all the best ways.

Runner Up: The Favourite (Robbie Ryan)


Costume Design

My Pick: Ruth Carter (Black Panther)

This one is a pretty obvious pick. While I think Black Panther doesn’t deserve the sheer amount of nominations it has, I think this award is one that’s well deserved. Carter puts so much effort into each individual costume, calling upon hundreds of references to not only make the film as beautiful as possible, but also as authentic as possible. The clothes in Black Panther are a mix of futuristic style and traditional dress, a juxtaposition that’s difficult to pull off. Carter was, somehow, able to execute it perfectly.

Runner Up: Sandy Powell (The Favourite)



My Pick: Spike Lee (Blackkklansman)

Another easy pick. Lee’s unique directing shines brightly in Blackkklansman, a true story based in the 1970s about a black police officer infiltrating the Klu Klux Klan. While there are other fantastic contenders, like Alfonso Cuaron (Roma) and Adam McKay (Vice), I think this award easily belongs to Blackkklansman.

Runner Up: Alfonso Cuaron (Roma)


Documentary (Feature)

My Pick: Free Solo

While I admit that I was not keeping up with many of these documentaries, I had heard rumors of Free Solo being a box office explosion, and I have to say, it’s really good. While I am upset that the amazing documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” was not nominated, this will be my pick for the Oscar. This documentary is an amazing depiction of climber Alex Honnold and his preparation to do a free solo climb of famed El Capitan’s 900-metre vertical rock face at Yosemite National Park.

Runner Up: RBG


Film Editing

My Pick: Barry Alexander Brown (Blackkklansman)

With many strong contenders like Hank Corwin (Vice) and John Bottman (Bohemian Rhapsody),I truly believe that Blackkklansman and Brown deserve the award for their amazing editing. The emotion and power in many scenes is translated only through cuts and sequencing. Each moment is perfectly timed, and that brings the film together beautifully.

Runner Up: Yorgos Mavropsaridis (The Favourite)


Foreign Language Film

My Pick: Roma

Being that Roma is the only movie in this category nominated for best picture, Roma obviously deserves to win best foreign film. As I said before, the film is amazing in its shot composition and writing. Everything about it tugs at the heartstrings, regardless of any language barrier.

Runner Up: Cold War


Makeup and Hairstyling

My Pick: Vice

With the amazing makeup and hairstyling of Greg Cannom, Kate Biscoe, and Patricia Dehaney, Vice makes you feel like every actor could be a doppelganger to their real life counterparts. Being able to make fiction into near reality is challenge enough, but Cannom, Biscoe, and Dehaney pull it off with ease.

Runner Up: Mary Queen of Scots


Music (Original Score)

My Pick: Terence Blanchard (Blackkklansman)

While I do quite enjoy the Japanese-influenced score of Isle of Dogs and the entirety of the Black Panther soundtrack, I think this another win for Blackkklansman. Blanchard does an amazing job mixing orchestral sounds with electric guitar, creating a perfect ambiance for a film with a 1970 style of rock and funk. Indicative of the fictional era its set in, Blanchard made sure the audience tapped their feet while watching.

Runner Up: Ludwig Goransson (Black Panther)


Music (Original Song)

My Pick: Shallow (A Star is Born)

It’s no surprise to see this one winning. With its major uprising in the pop genre, as well as the beautiful sounds of Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, and a guitar, I think “Shallow” deserves the Oscar.

Runner Up: All the Stars (Black Panther)


Sound Editing

My Pick: A Quiet Place

With a movie who’s plot is completely based entirely on sound, and the absence of it, this movie pays great attention to even the smallest of sounds. A shift of cloth sounds like an explosion in A Quiet Place, where a breakage of silence can mean a death sentence.

Runner Up: First Man


Sound Mixing

My Pick: A Star is Born

Despite having many huge competitors in this category like Bohemian Rhapsody, Black Panther, and Roma, I think A Star is Born has this in the bag. The entire film is based around sound and music, similar to Bohemian Rhapsody. However, what sets A Star is Born apart is its attention to perspective. Music and ambient sounds are different depending on the character being shown. The audience even gets a first-hand look at Jackson’s (Bradley Cooper) struggle with tinnitus, having a sharp ringing noise invade their senses when the camera moves to convey his experience. With this much care and attention being payed to even the smallest of details, I think A Star is Born is more than deserving of this win.

Runner Up: First Man


Visual Effects

My Pick: Avengers: Infinity War

Out of all of the movies in this category, Avengers: Infinity War is the one that has made history. While the visual effects in First Man and Ready Player One were fantastic, Avengers truly lives through its usage of visual effects. The world Avengers lives in would not exist without the help of CGI and other forms of video manipulation. Not a hard decision here.

Runner Up: First Man


Best Picture

My prediction: Blackkklansman.

Not a shocker if you have seen the whole list. With a great director, amazing story, great editing, and a killer score, I feel that this movie is the most deserving of an Oscar win. Though director Spike Lee has been known to make films that are hit or miss, he did an amazing job on the writing and directing for Blackklansman. This movie offers likeable characters that we root for til the end, and the story itself is an amazing retelling of the heroic act of a black man sneaking his way into the Klu Klux Klan to put an end to their more violent acts. The film itself is a commentary on real world racism, both of the 1970’s as well as today. Out of every movie up for the Best Picture nomination, Blackkklansman is the one that moved me the most, and I hope it wins.

Runner Up: Roma


Are you planning to watch the Oscars? Who do you think is the most likely winner for each category? Leave a comment down below or share your thoughts with us on social media @TheClarkeCrux !



by Dane Shaull

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