Gamers at Clarke Upset With 2K21


Clarke University gamers are upset at the newest NBA 2K game. Students say this game feels like a “complete copy and paste of 2k20.” Students have made their displeasure heard by saying how the “shooting is too inconsistent and difficult to make open shots.” The NBA 2k community is obviously upset with the new game with the sales being down 37% from last year’s 2k20. Game critics have been harsh of the newest installment of the game. Where does NBA 2k go from here?

NBA 2K21

A few students here at Clarke spoke about the game. Most were displeased with what they have seen from the game so far. A student was asked what he thought about the game overall. He said, “The game has been pretty mediocre. Not a huge difference from 2k20, the game honestly shouldn’t be worth 60 dollars.” A student commented, “There isn’t skill with playing defense. It’s just running into the ball-handler rather than actually moving your feet and staying in front of the person with the ball.” Another student noted, “The players look exactly the same. Barely any players have different features like hairstyles or tattoos, they all are an exact representation from last year.”

I asked some students if they thought the presentation of the game was new and updated. A student explained that the “commentary has not changed compared to last year’s game. The menus are extremely boring and are way too simple for a game made in 2020.” A student was asked what he thought about the MyCareer mode in 2k21. He said, “The story mode is not interesting at all. They ruined the game mode and made it boring.” Another student speculated that the next-gen console “will be 1,000 times better than the current-gen game. The next-gen game coming out in December will be a reminder of how good 2k21 really should be.”

Since 2k21 has gotten off to a bad start, students have voiced how upset they are with the game. Some students have optimism saying the next-gen console could save the game. Most students are planning on not buying 2k22 since 2k has been quite the disappointment for the past couple years. The game has lost money and the ratings have dropped in the past month. What will NBA 2k do to fix their reputation and brand?

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