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Clarke University football has been making major changes to their roster for a first ever winning season. One of these changes is bringing in a new kicker, Victor Moreno. Not only is he new to Clarke football, but he also is new to the United States. Victor, an incoming junior at Clarke, is originally from Spain. Coming from a different country, he was surprised by how much football meant to Americans and what it represents for the nation. The culture that surrounds football at a collegiate and professional level is something that interests him and makes him want to pursue that career. Clarke University is Victor’s first step in making football a large part of his future.

The first time Victor visited the United States, he saw a college football game. He and his friend were in New Orleans to see an LSU football game. “LSU beat the opponent by a lot of points. That day I found out that there was a player who just kicks the ball.” This is where Victor found his place on the field and his love for the game. With LSU being such a well-known college football team, the stands were filled with fans coming from all over the country to watch the game. Being in the stands with people that are so passionate about the sport can be electrifying, especially when the team they are watching is one of the best in the world. Victor was able to experience firsthand what the spirit of football was, and this pushed him to chase this dream for himself.

Moreno took an international flight to get to Clarke University and due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, this affected his current football season. When he arrived at the campus, he was required to quarantine for 14 days. Not only was this important for the safety of the team, but it was also one of the required rules developed by the NAIA. Because of his self-quarantine, Victor was only able to practice in one week of the pre-season fall camp, which is usually three weeks long. Although he was at a great disadvantage because of this, he played his first game and brought his team to success. Making both field goals and going seven for seven on point-after touchdowns, he gained 13 points for his team. This is an extraordinary feat for a player, especially on a first game. Although Moreno is new to the team, he is already a valuable asset to the Clarke football team.

Moreno’s first game

Victor Moreno is overall a great athlete and addition to the Clarke University football team. He is a dual sport athlete, also playing soccer at the collegiate level, and is constantly working to improve his craft. He continues to get better each and every day with his new coach, who gives him pointers about technique in his position. With constant improvement in his kicking, Victor will surely lead the Pride to many more wins in this season and many more to come.

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