Staff Highlight: Grounds Keeper

For the Freshman that came into school this semester and got to see the beautiful grounds that make Clarke the amazing place that it is, I got a question for you, do you know who does it? Where do they get the flowers? Who are the people behind pedal? Well, wonder no more. Meet Joel and Kyle, who spent time growing and caring for the flowers found almost everywhere on campus. Joel is currently the Assistant Director of Facilities with over 15 years here at Clarke, who, with the help of Kyle, tends to the flowers and to the grounds of the school. Kyle finds it satisfying to make Clarke a more inviting and welcoming place. Joel mentioned: “I hope to provide a warm and welcoming place not only for the students and staff but for our community and the city.” Kyle has been part of the Clarke community for almost 3 years and hopes one day to be the Facility Manager. Now that winter is coming, they are starting to put flowers away and they are waking the Snowman to one again stand guard.

Joel and Kyle, next to one of many flower pots that can be found around Clarke.

                If you see Joel or Kyle around campus do not forget to thank them as they are part of the larger team that makes the Clarke Community what it is, an open and welcoming place for all.

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