Food Insecurity Reflection

By: Jaydon Dennis

This subject is difficult to talk about, but I am willing to share my answer with this difficult idea of food and self-insecurity.

I can say it is not an easy task to be happy while dealing with multiple adversities. It is hard to have multiple problems in your life because it weighs you down. Like for example during my time in junior to senior of high school I was dealing with the issues of just losing my house, all my belongings, no place to stay, and dealing with struggling in school. It was very difficult because during this time, my whole family got the flu, we lost some money, and were not used to having no real place to call home. But instead, I had people who helped my family out by giving us supplies. My dad supported my brothers and me to work out more. My mother helped me in school. So, I started to just work out a lot and use magic as a way to escape. I also kept busy so that the world was not my enemy. So that is how I dealt with my issues in the past. Nowadays I just work out a lot.

Now another adversity I had to deal with was the issue of the pandemic. The pandemic was hard because people had major trust issues. The world itself was blaming one another and I was not a part of that. Yes, I thought it was a very dangerous disease. But it was not going to destroy my life. Sadly because of COVID, I had to miss a lot of events. Like my great grandfather’s funeral and my friend AJ’s. It was hard because people made funerals or events very small so that people could be safe. Also, getting food was harder because nobody in my family wanted to go out. Which made sense at the time. My family hardly ordered out or did anything with food, which I appreciated at the time. We made sure to cook everything which was good. Also, my family made sure all of the food was always clean or not possibly touched when the grocery store was open. But beginning in 2021, I do not think people were as scared or even cared as much. I know most of my family is vaccinated so they do not care about COVID anymore. My mother only cares because people at her work lie about being vaccinated. So, I think the world has also calmed down and people have a little more trust, in contrast to a year ago today where everyone was even scared to be in the same room and schools shut down. Now everyone in class with a mask is living life. 

Now the reason why Clarke University has some issues with its Food Security is the idea of not giving enough food or not giving enough options. Like I enjoy our food here a lot. But I have changed my eating habits. Now I eat only meat, vegetables, and fruit. Sometimes an acceptance with potatoes. But I can not eat what the school produces anymore. Like I want to, but I cannot since I eat keto now. So it is a very difficult life. I know it is hard to feed my needs and other students/staff. But I just would like more possible choices than just the Sac and Dining Hall. Yet again, I think our cooking staff does an amazing job. The world does not revolve around my eating habits, but I do prefer more options.

Finally, I am starting to feel more and more important personally and feel smarter about the food I’m eating.



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