Teddy Swims Concert Highlights

Clarke hosted the amazing and wonderful Teddy Swims on Thursday, January 27, 2022. I don’t know about anyone else but some songs he sang had me loving his music even more. With performing hit songs like 911 and Simple Things, Swims explained how and why he wrote them and did more of an acoustic show. This was an amazing atmosphere to be a part of as not only did Clarke students in attendance but many followers of Swims came from several hours just to see him perform. While taking pictures for this event, I talked to several attendees about why they wanted to attend this event. All across the board was “We heard his music on TikTok and Spotify and wanted to see him in person.” Others just came to get a break from school and ended up with much more.

Teddy Swims definitely was not one to miss at Clarke as he was very real knowing how many students were there. He told stories and lessons he learned from his own life and encouraged everyone to follow their dreams no matter how hard the journey gets.

Pictured below are images from the event!

A special thank you to CAB and Callie Clark for setting this event up as it was an amazing experience! The Clarke community and I look forward to more concerts on campus and all the fun activities CAB has coming up!

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