Tworiffic Twosday 02-22-2022 Golden Birthday Boy, Parker Lippstock

The golden birthday. It’s a unique event in everyone’s life, but for Parker Lippstock (Clarke Art+Design major) it is particularly special. It’s his Tworiffic Tuesday birthday on February 22nd, 2022! In fact, the next time our modern calendar will align for such an event is two-hundred years from now on February 22, 2222! Yes, Parker’s big day as a “Spicy Pisces” is blazoned upon t-shirts, banners, and all other sorts of memorabilia found at merch shops trending across the internet.

How will Parker celebrate his day?

Well, he does split the spotlight with his stepmother, Heidi, as they share a birthday…but let’s not forget; it is his tworiffic golden birthday! Two birthday celebrations call for an extra dose of embarrassingly cringeworthy group singalongs at Happy Joes. This has been a family tradition for as long as he can remember. A pizza dinner feast will ensue, but Parker will pass on the dessert. What?! More for the family to fight over….and they will.

It’s no surprise either, he has been a picky eater most of his life. Yes, pizza is a new culinary delight since 2018. I mean seriously, who is this guy? Well, since then he has consumed 40 pizzas annually. That’s a lot of pie, Parker!

Here is to you, good sir.
May this year and all the years to come shine brightly upon you.
I wish you the best and most fruitful 2022!
It is a tworiffic day to celebrate.


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