Blue Coat Ceremony at Clarke

On February 4th, 2022, sophomore nursing students got officially called to nursing and received their blue coats at the blue coat ceremony.

The following students are recognized as being future nurses and continuing their career path in clinical settings starting February 14th and 16th: Abbigail A, Emma B, Gracie D, Ella E, Ashley F, Madison F, Haley H, Taylor H, Desaray H, Emilee K, Madelyn K, Stacey K, Lindsey K, Sara L, Cameron M, Ashley O, Holly R, Amanda S, Morgan S, Brennan S, Lindsey W, Emily Y.

If you see these students around campus, thank and congratulate them for taking their education to the next level! For more information regarding the blue coat ceremony and the nursing program click the links attached! We look forward to seeing you in action at the hospitals! Good luck in all your endeavors!

By: Ashley Franken

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