For the students, by the students.

At the foundation of The Crux, our aim is to provide the Clarke community with a place filled with not only campus news and current events, but an outlet for student expression through multimedia platforms.

We want The Crux to be a place where through the convergence of audio, video, writing, graphics, and social media, students can get a better understanding of their community.

We strive to provide a place where students will be exposed to news and events personalized to them. Covering the topics that they are passionate about while entering into intellectual conversation with their peers.

The topics chosen by the staff of The Crux surrounding current social and political events may lead to open controversy, and we encourage every viewer of The Crux to become engaged and voice their ideas about these topics on the comment features throughout the site.

Our goal is to intertwine and strengthen our community through collaboration between faculty, students, and staff of different departments throughout our campus to create an environment that celebrates diversity and encourages our viewers to share their voice.

Ultimately, The Crux will be a gateway for you, the students, to voice your ideas, thoughts, interests, and opinions. So please speak out! We would love to hear what you have to say.