Tell Your Story, Change the Stigma

EMILY DEVILDER             I first started experiencing anxiety and depression when I was in sixth or seventh grade. I vividly remember wanting to stay in my room and curl into a ball because I was so anxious all the time. It was extremely hard for me to perform tasks like taking a shower or brushing my teeth. I would sit and cry for hours, wishing … Continue reading Tell Your Story, Change the Stigma

Disappointment of 2020 Graduation

JENNA JOHNSON Clarke 2020 graduates are feeling very disappointed about the postponement of their graduation ceremony for a full year. Since graduation, students have moved on and found jobs; however many of those students are very upset that they will need to wait another 9 months before celebrating this milestone. Recent graduate Elena Dominguez is feeling very disappointed about the postponement of graduation because she … Continue reading Disappointment of 2020 Graduation

Gamers at Clarke Upset With 2K21

TYE OJALA Clarke University gamers are upset at the newest NBA 2K game. Students say this game feels like a “complete copy and paste of 2k20.” Students have made their displeasure heard by saying how the “shooting is too inconsistent and difficult to make open shots.” The NBA 2k community is obviously upset with the new game with the sales being down 37% from last … Continue reading Gamers at Clarke Upset With 2K21

Tenth Muse Stays in Book Format

HANNAH HOLST This 2020–2021 academic school year, the students and staff contributing to Clarke University’s literary magazine, the Tenth Muse, have decided to maintain tradition and produce a physical copy of the magazine. This year the staff will be producing two separate volumes, the first being Volume X from 2019–2020 and the second being Volume XI from 2020–2021. In the past, like with many things … Continue reading Tenth Muse Stays in Book Format

Real-World Experience at Clarke University

STEPHEN LEWANDOWSKI Many professors at universities today lack real-world experience that is vital in the professional working world. I interviewed a small pool of people and asked them a couple questions: “Would you rather learn from a professor who has a PhD in a given subject, but no real-world experience? Or would you rather learn from someone who was successful in a given field?” Without … Continue reading Real-World Experience at Clarke University

Clarke Mulls on Thanksgiving Break Decision

TYE OJALA Clarke University has not given the answers to winter athletes that they want to hear at this point. Winter athletes want to know: Does Clarke intend to let them go home and see their families for Thanksgiving? Or do they want winter athletes to continue practicing and stay on campus for that time? At this point, Clarke’s athletic director does not have an … Continue reading Clarke Mulls on Thanksgiving Break Decision

Clarke Theatre During COVID

GRETA FREIBURGER Like many organizations on the Clarke University campus, the theatre program had to put everything on hold when classes went online in the spring of 2020. Rehearsals for the second production of the semester had just started a week before spring break began, and, as like most things in America around that time, did not continue. Nick Halder, who is the Theatre Director … Continue reading Clarke Theatre During COVID