Disappointment of 2020 Graduation

JENNA JOHNSON Clarke 2020 graduates are feeling very disappointed about the postponement of their graduation ceremony for a full year. Since graduation, students have moved on and found jobs; however many of those students are very upset that they will need to wait another 9 months before celebrating this milestone. Recent graduate Elena Dominguez is feeling very disappointed about the postponement of graduation because she … Continue reading Disappointment of 2020 Graduation

Streamlines 2020 is virtual!

HANNAH HOLST The annual Streamlines Conference hosted by Clarke University and University of Dubuque has switched to a virtual platform for presentation and attendance. This year, it is being hosted by Clarke, with all presentations being done through Teams. The Streamlines annual academic conference is held between two Dubuque universities, Clarke and University of Dubuque. Students from around the Dubuque area and beyond submit to … Continue reading Streamlines 2020 is virtual!

Hacking Across Campus

This year at Clarke, Tori Litchkey and Allison Kruser, both sophomores, created the Hacky Sack club. The club will consist of playing hacky sack outside, eating snacks, and, once more people become familiar with the game, there will be tournaments. The officers hope to have weekly meetings on either Sunday night or Monday night, but the date has not been set. Hacky sack is a … Continue reading Hacking Across Campus

A Reflection on Streamlines 2019

On Saturday, November 16th, I participated and presented in two panels to a group of my peers at the University of Dubuque for a conference called Streamlines. This year was the first time I attended Streamlines. As an English minor, I had heard about this mysterious annual convention organized by the English departments from most of the universities around Dubuque. The other English majors and … Continue reading A Reflection on Streamlines 2019

Alumni Adam O’Dell to present Mackin-Mailander Lecture

via Clarke University At 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 7th, Adam O’Dell will be conducting a lecture in the Jansen Music Hall at Clarke University. The lecture itself is a part of the Mackin-Mailander Alumni Lecture series, entitled “Writing Home, Wherever It May Be.” The lecture itself surrounds O’Dell’s emotional journey through music and how his connection to Iowa has shifted and changed as he’s … Continue reading Alumni Adam O’Dell to present Mackin-Mailander Lecture

Musical Menus is in in full swing

On April 4th and 5th at 6:30pm, Clarke students will be taking part in Musical Menus, a fundraiser that celebrates the work of the drama, music, and theatrical departments. Throughout the two nights, many students, as well as Clarke ensembles, will be performing a variety of songs coming from the jazz era. Kylie Gougler, a visiting professor and head of the vocal performance program, described … Continue reading Musical Menus is in in full swing

How to build a profession: a personal look into Clarke’s Internship for Credit program

Becky Herrig, one of the heads of Clarke University’s Career Service Center, has been helping students pursue professional opportunities since 2011. Whether she be reviewing résumés, establishing contact with potential employers, or helping students build confidence as interviewees, Herrig is dedicated to the task of connecting students with internship experiences that will help prepare them for the working world. Clarke University itself has heavily incorporated … Continue reading How to build a profession: a personal look into Clarke’s Internship for Credit program

Raising Student Involvement

Student involvement at Clarke has been at a significant low for a couple of years. The students on Clarke’s campus are rising in number, but that doesn’t mean that student involvement is gaining any traction. By boosting student involvement, it’s possible that students would be more willing to consider the campus home. Sydney Eustice, president of the Clarke Student Association, says that “One of the … Continue reading Raising Student Involvement