Should I Commute to School?

I’ve lived in Dubuque my whole life and decided Clarke is the best school for me. Should I live on campus or be a commuter student? There are definitely pros and cons to both sides. I also grew up in Dubuque and decided to live at home and commute to school. It was nice to…

Quick After Class Halloween Costumes With Makeup

Check out this video by Maggie Christianson and Lauryn Pritchard if you woke up this morning with the realization that you have no costume for the holiday. These makeup tutorials will help you with that last second Halloween costume, using the materials you already have in your room (and maybe from a quick Target run).

DIY Autumn Door Decorations

With the fall season in full gear, door decorations are becoming more and more popular. The festive decorations can range anywhere from simple caution tape for Halloween to vibrant garlands and wreaths of leaves. For my first year, both as a college student and decorating my door, I chose decorations more on the fall spectrum….