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There are many people who work behind the scenes to make The Crux filled with the content you see on our site today, we’d like to thank these staff members full heartedly for their constant effort and tremendous work they produce. Below you will find a list of current staff members and their contact information. To contact any of the staff below you may use their contact information listed, but for a general message to the staff please use The Crux email at

Editors In Chief: Mimi Ottavi and Maggie Christianson

Hello! My name is Mimi Ottavi and I am one of the Editors for the Clarke Crux! Currently, I’m in my third year at Clarke University and in 2020,


I’ll be graduating with a BA in Communication with a minor in Writing! My plans post graduation are still, as of now, unclear, though I’ve considered pursuing graduate school after receiving my degree. I became involved with The Crux my freshman year at Clarke, submitting work every now and then when I had the time. Eventually, I became more involved and even went so far as to create an entire advertising campaign for the initiative! I can’t wait to see how The Crux will grow and change this coming year. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me through email at

Hey Everyone! I’m Maggie Christianson, one of your fearless editors of the Crux. This is my Sophomore year at Clarke so I’ll be graduating here hopeIMG_9390.JPGfully with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in CIS. I got involved in the Crux last year as a freshman, just wanting to write fun pieces every now and again. A lot of my stuff you’ll find on here spans from DIYs to reviews and to videos. Thanks to actively being a member and submitting work often, I found myself on the staff this year. I’m super pumped to help the Crux grow into something spectacular. If you want to reach out to me with questions, comments or concerns, feel free to email me at


Lead Designer: Stevie Eide

IMG_8523Hey guys! I am the lead designer here at The Crux and a Sophomore double majoring in Communication and Art at Clarke. I became involved with The Crux my freshman year and helped launch it into action last May. I can’t wait to hear from you guys and see all the awesome things you have to share with us! You can contact me with any creative  ideas or if you want to get involved with The Crux at




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