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Fall Into Art 2018!

On Friday, October 5th, a wide variety of art students from nearly every department showcased their work at the Smokestack in downtown Dubuque. The event, entitled Fall Into Art, is an annual art show that strives to present the newest or most coveted work done by those pursuing art majors and minors. From graphic design to abstract sculpture, the pieces being shown illustrate a number of ideas and concepts. 


Clarke President Joanne Burrows and Professor Jessie Rebik observe student work displayed at the Smokestack.

Hannah Ingles, a junior graphic design major at Clarke, displayed a redesign of a vintage matchbox cover. The project was originally assigned as a means of challenging students to re-conceptualize and modernize old outdated advertisements. Hannah’s work, which depicted the brand Scissor Safety Matches, featured a number of textures and detailed, Victorian era ornamentation. 

Ingles Redesign-02

Piece by Hannah Ingles

In addition to a number of printed graphic design pieces, a series of full body drawings were displayed, having been completed in a life drawing class from the 2018 spring semester. Charlotte Rodewald, a junior graphic design major, presented a depiction of a skeleton, showing her ability to accurately portray different perspectives of the human body. 

“The assignment really helped me understand how the body moved,” said Rodewald of her piece. “It’s so important to understand where certain bones and muscles are [as an artist].” 

If you want to see new student work, keep an eye out for art department events around campus. From December 5th to February 28th, sophomore and junior art students will be having their review, exhibiting their pieces in the Quigley Gallery at Clarke University. 

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Instagram Worthy Destinations


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The Voices Mural Project artists have completed 18 intriguingly aesthetic murals in downtown Dubuque. Filled with vibrant colors and whimsical designs, they have surely brought a lot of life to the streets of the city. The organization behind the street art project, Voice Productions, wanted to bring an urban experience to the city and give a space for artists around the country to express their ideas. This project has been funded through a state grant and supported by local business.

The main reason for this project was to be able to draw out more talent from the area and give people an interesting place to go and feel as though their city has culture. People of all ages can come and enjoy a stroll through downtown to view these urban works of art.

If you haven’t posted anything new on your social media in a while you should take advantage of the amazing artwork displayed within the streets of downtown Dubuque. There’s definitely a reason why these murals are getting so much attention.

To see even more art that Dubuque has to offer, the Dubuque Museum of Art and newest Art on the River sculptures are something you will enjoy! The Dubuque Museum of Art is open 10am through 5pm Monday through Friday, and on weekends 1pm to 4pm.


By: Stevie Eide